How do I prepare my EdgeStar Combo Washer/Dryer for shipment ?

Due to the size and weight of the CWD1550 series combo washer dryer, it is important to follow proper packaging procedures in order minimize the chance for additional unit damage when transporting an EdgeStar Combo Washer Dryer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Below instructions apply to storage of your combo washer dryer unit as well.  Please make sure that the internal drum area has been allowed to dry sufficiently prior to storage.

Please read and follow the below steps carefully and completely:

  1. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: If applicable, please review all procedures outlined by your EdgeStar Service representative related to the shipment of your unit.
  2. DRAIN UNIT: Make sure the unit is empty and has been drained of any residual water to the best of your ability. Disconnect supply lines and allow excess water to drain from the coin trap (located on bottom right front of unit) as indicated below. 

  1. SHIPPING BOLTS: Reinstall the four (4) shipping bolts, including their rubber/plastic bushings, that came with your unit into the four open holes on the back of the unit. These bolts secure the internal drum in place and are critical in preventing damage during shipping. If you did not save the shipping bolts, please contact EdgeStar support and they will send replacements. In the event you have received / are receiving a replacement unit prior to shipping the old unit back, you may re-use the bolts out of that unit.


  1. PACK/SHIP: We recommend utilizing all original packaging materials, including all foam supports. If you are shipping the unit for warranty support, please mark the RA# clearly on the exterior of the package for quick identification at our warehouse.

A copy of these instructions can be downloaded below: