How do I prepare my EdgeStar, Koldfront or Avallon product for shipment?

If you are needing to transport your appliance to a new location, or are needing to ship your appliance via freight or parcel service - it is critical that steps are taken to ensure the safe delivery of the item.  Periodically, damage is caused to a unit simply by not following proper re-packaging procedures.

It is recommended that all original packaging materials be saved when you originally receive your new item for this specific purpose.  Taking photos of the unpacking process can greatly assist in the re-packaging process.  It is understood that in many cases this doesn't occur and that original packaging may have been recycled or otherwise discarded.  In such instances, following basic guidelines for re-packaging and shipping will greatly assist in reducing damage to the unit that is being returned. 

Please read and follow the below steps carefully and completely:

  1. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: If applicable, please review all procedures outlined by your EdgeStar Service representative related to the shipment of your unit.
  2. EMPTY CONTENTS: As applicable, please remove all contents from your appliance.  This may include draining the unit for dishwashers, ice makers, dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, washers etc.  ***Refrigerators / freezers should be allowed to defrost for 24 - 48 hours prior to packaging for shipment. 
  3. PACK/SHIP: We recommend utilizing all original packaging materials, including all foam supports. If components such as hoses or cords are being packaged, ensure they are secured in place within the appliance cabinet or packaged separately.  Us appliance friendly tape if you are taping a door or lid shut in order to protect stainless steel surfaces from adhesive residues.

If you are shipping the unit for warranty support, please mark the RA# clearly on the exterior of the package for quick identification at our warehouse.

Following these basic guidelines will assist in reducing the opportunity for shipping damage to occur.

If you have concerns about proper packaging, or are in need of assistance - please consult a packaging professional.  Local ship centers are able to assist.