What do the front panel display icons mean on my EdgeStar mini split air conditioner?

This Article Refers to Model: MSPLIT12000W
Indoor Unit: MSEVA12000W
Outdoor Unit: MSCON12000W

The combined split air conditioner – composed of the MSEVA12000W indoor unit and the MSCON12000W outdoor unit – is referenced as the EdgeStar MSSPLIT12000W

Warning: Installation of this unit MUST be performed by a licensed HVAC specialist / certified electrician.  Please contact your installer for diagnosis of post-installation related product performance issues.  


Please refer to the below image that highlights the display panel icons.




Emergency Operation

If the remote control is lost or damaged, please use the auxiliary power button to turn the air conditioner on or off. Open the panel and press the aux. button as shown in the figure below. When you turn the air conditioner on with this method, it will operate in Auto mode.



Warning: Use an insulated object to press the auxiliary power button.