Where can I purchase a carbon filter replacement for my EdgeStar or Avallon Wine or Beverage Cooler ?

The EdgeStar CWR/CBR Carbon Filter (PCWRFILTER) will assist in the prevention and elimination of dust, odors and debris that may have entered your refrigerator.

These filters should be replaced every three (3) to Six (6) months.  

Replacement filters are available for purchase at EdgeStar.com as well as at our other online retail partner websites such as CompactAppliance.com and Build.com  

Click here to view / order EdgeStar CWR/CBR Carbon Filter: PCWRFILTER

For installation help related to the carbon filter, please review the following help article:

How Do I Replace the Carbon Filter on My Wine Cooler?

The following EdgeStar / Avallon wine coolers and beverage refrigerators come equipped with the CWR/CBR series carbon filter: ABR151SGLH, ABR151SGRH, ABR241SGLH, ABR241SGRH, AFR151SSLH, AFR151SSODLH, AFR151SSODRH, AFR151SSRH, AFR241SSLH, AFR241SSODLH, AFR241SSODRH, AFR241SSRH, AWC151DZLH, AWC151DZRH, AWC151SZLH, AWC151SZRH, AWC241DZLH, AWC241DZRH, AWC241FD, AWC241SZLH, AWC241SZRH, AWC241TDZLH, AWC241TDZRH, AWC241TSZLH, AWC241TSZRH, AWC280DZ, AWC300SZ, AWC460DZ, AWC540SZ, BBR900BL, BWR300BL, CBR1501SG, CBR1501SLD, CBR1501SSOD, CBR901SG, CWB2886FD, CWF340DZ, CWR1101DZ, CWR1211SZ, CWR1431TZ, CWR1551DD, CWR1551DZ, CWR1661SZ, CWR181SZ, CWR262DZ, CWR301SZ, CWR361FD, CWR461DZ, CWR531SZ, CWR5631FD, CWR70SZ.