How does the 'Dry' mode function on my window air conditioner?

Your Koldfront Window or Through the Wall Air conditioner has a "DRY MODE" setting that allows the unit to operate in a manner that optimizes the ability to dehumidify the room in which it is operating.  When using the DRY MODE, the compressor and fan will run at a lower speed in order to optimize dehumidification instead of cooling.  This will also result in reduced energy consumption when operating the unit relative to COOL Mode.

This setting is intended to be used in environments where the need to remove humidity is more important than the need to lower the temperature.  This setting is ideal for humid conditions where the temperature is relatively comfortable, or perhaps during spring and fall months.  

  • Operating the unit in DRY MODE and dehumidifying the air will result in dryer air being distributed into the operating environment in order to increase the general comfort level. Slight cooling will still occur.
  • Operating the unit in DRY MODE vs COOL MODE will increase the energy efficiency of the unit.
  • The unit's fan will automatically run at LOW speed when set in DRY MODE.
  • The set / desired temperature setting will still be used to start / stop the unit from running however, as noted above, the unit will run in a manner that is optimized for dehumidification rather than cooling.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Operating your window or through the wall air conditioner in DRY MODE is not as efficient as using as a stand-alone dehumidifier.