What type of hose clamps come with my EdgeStar kegerator kit?

Your EdgeStar kegerator kit may come with one of several types of hose clamps to be used when attaching your gas lines to the CO2 tank and keg coupler.  In general, any properly sized and properly tightened hose clamp will be sufficient, provided that it creates an airtight seal.  EdgeStar kegerator kits will include one of the hose clamp types pictured below. 

Hose Clamp Types:

Steel Hose Clamp

This is one of the most common types of hose clamps available and can be found at all home improvement centers and hardware stores.  They are most often constructed of stainless steel and utilize a "worm-drive" style gear for tightening / loosening.  


Nylon Hose Clamp

Not as commonly available at home improvement stores, but readily available online.  Nylon Hose Clamps, as pictured below, deliver an extremely uniform inward pressure due to their design.  They are made of a highly durable, non corrosive material and have no moving parts.  

The Nylon Hose Clamp that was packaged with your EdgeStar kegerator assembly kit may be a different color.

Please Note: Nylon Hose clamps can be fastened without the use of any tools however it is recommended that you tighten using a pair of standard pliers or a clamp crimping tool.  Also, Nylon Hose clamps can be very difficult to remove by hand.  As needed, please use a pair of standard pliers to gently slide the top portion of the clamp to the side to disengage the locking teeth, being careful not to damage either the clamp or the gas hose in the process.  

General Instructions for Use

  • Place the hose clamp over the open end of the gas line hose and secure to the hose barb connection on the CO2 regulator (or to keg coupler).  
  • Slide the hose clamp into position and secure.  
    • If using a steel hose clamp, tighten with a screwdriver.  
    • If using a nylon clamp, use pliers or clamp crimping tool to snap clamp into place firmly.