What is a valid Proof of Purchase?

In order to obtain warranty service for your EdgeStar, Koldfront or Avallon product is is required that you register your product.  It is also required that a proof of purchase be submitted along with your registration.  (If unavailable at time of registration you may supply this information at a later date).

Proof of purchase is a copy of the sales receipt / gift receipt that was provided at time of purchase from the retailer.  This may come in the form of a printed receipt from the store where you purchased you product, or in the form of an email receipt for online purchases.  When registering your product with EdgeStar, it is required that an electronic copy of your receipt be submitted. Acceptable file formats are: jpg, gif, tif, pdf, png

Note: Product registration, including valid proof of purchase, is required for obtaining warranty service.

To Register your Product, please visit: 

How do I register my new EdgeStar, Avallon or Koldfront product?

To locate your model # and serial #, please visit: 

Where can I located the serial number and model number for my EdgeStar, Avallon or Koldfront product?