The door on my EdgeStar Combo Washer Dryer CWD1550 will not open. What can I do?

Your EdgeStar Combo Washer / Dryer has sensors to monitor for safety and operational issues.  One of these specific safety features is designed to prevent the door from being opened while the contents of the wash tub are hot.  Typically, a door that remains locked will automatically unlock when the unit is given sufficient time to cool down. 

In rare instances, these safety related sensors may prevent the door from being unlocked for prolonged periods of time.  If your combo washer / dryer has cooled down and the door lock remains fastened, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Verify that water has been drained from unit.
  2. Unplug the unit from its power source and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Plug cord back into power source.
  4. Press Power Button to turn the unit on.
  5. Ensure unit is in DRY mode.
  6. Press START and then press PAUSE.  
  7. The door lock should release and you will be able to open the door.
  8. Verify that contents are properly cooled prior to reaching to drum to remove clothes. 


  • PLEASE check to make sure that the water has been drained from the unit before opening the door. 
  • The drying cycle results in contents and items that may be hot to the touch.
  • Please allow contents to cool down sufficiently prior to removing clothes.