How do I Install my Window Air Conditioner ?

Before you begin, make sure you have all the parts necessary for installation.

If you have multiple windows, choose one that is near an electrical outlet that will be able to provide sufficient power to your unit. See the power requirements listed on the product label printed on the side or the back of your window air conditioner.

Basic Installation Steps:

  • Attach Top Channel and Side Curtains
  • Install Unit in Window
  • Attach Seals
  • Complete Installation

The following measurements are required to properly install the air conditioner.
• Window Width: 23” to 36”
• Window Minimum Height: 14”



Click the below link to download a full copy of all installation instructions: 

Window Air Conditioner Installation Instructions



Attach Top Channel and Side Curtains


Make sure to attach the top channel and side curtains prior to installing the cabinet into the window.

1. Set the air conditioner unit on a table or other solid work surface.

2. Place the top channel on top of the air conditioner cabinet, lining up the four (4) holes in the top channel with the four (4) holes on top of the cabinet.

3. Use four (4) 3/8” Phillips screws to attach the top channel to the top of the cabinet.


4. To attach the side curtains to the air conditioner, start by gently extending the accordion panel until you can insert the open end into the connector tabs located on the side of the unit.

5. Insert the top and bottom of the curtain housing into the top curtain and bottom curtain channel.


Install Unit in Window

Note: When choosing your window make sure the power supply cord is within 4 feet of a grounded 3-prong outlet.

1. Center the air conditioner cabinet into the window:

  • Check that the lower rail of the air conditioner cabinet is behind and against the back side of the window sill.
  • Maintain a firm hold on the cabinet and lower the window sash to hold the cabinet in place.
  • Measure the distance of the right side and left, and adjust until the unit is perfectly centered.

Note: Check that the air conditioner cabinet is tilted back about 1⅛” to 1½”, which should be about 3-4 degrees downward to the outside. After proper installation, condensation should not drain from the overflow drain hole during normal use, correct slope or otherwise.

Tip: Small wood shims (available at home supply stores) are a quick and easy solution to create the proper rearward slope.  Insert shims below the cabinet frame on the window sill and check for proper rearward tilt.  Depending on the adjustment needed, shims may be used on the interior side of the sill or the exterior side of the sill to achieve the proper slope.

2. Extend both Side Curtains outward until they are flush with the window frame.

3. Attach Curtain Brackets

  • The Curtain Brackets will secure the lower frame of the side curtains to the window sill.
  • Place the Curtain Bracket in between the accordion extensions as shown in the image below.
  • Use one (1) ½” Philips head screw to attach the Curtain Brackets to the window sill.
  • Repeat this procedure for the remaining side curtain.

Note: Use a 1/8” drill bit to drill pilot holes in the window sill to prevent splitting before driving the screws into place.

4. Attach Side Curtains to Window Frame

  • Use three (3) ½” Philips head screws to attach the side curtain frame and top channel to the window sash.

Note: Use a 1/8” drill bit to drill pilot holes in the window sash to prevent splitting before driving the screws into place.


5. Attach Window Lock Bracket

  • Secure the lower window sash to the upper window sash with the Window Lock Bracket.
  • Use two (2) ½” Philips head screws to attach the bracket to the upper window sash.
  • Once installed, the bracket will prevent the lower window sash from being raised upwards.

Attach Seals

1. Install Window Sash Seal

  • Trim the window sash seal (foam) to the appropriate length and insert it into the gap that is between the upper and lower window sashes.

2. Install Energy Efficient Insulation Panels

  • This unit comes with insulating sheets that should be installed into each of the side curtains to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Start by measuring the inner width of both side curtains.
  • Locate the insulation panel supplied with this unit and cut each panel to the correct width.
  • Slide the insulation panels into each side curtain as shown below with the pattern side facing inward (indoors).

3. Attach Weather Stripping

  • In order to minimize air leaks, this unit comes with weather stripping that should be installed as needed to plug any gaps that may be present after you have secured the air conditioner into the window.
  • Inspect all of the potential air gaps around the window opening.
  • Cut to size and attach weather stripping as needed.


Complete Installation

1. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded 3-prong outlet.

2. Press “Reset” on the LCDI plug.

3. Read the Control Panel Operations section for instructions on all modes and settings for your air conditioner unit.