Defrost WARNING for KC2000 series kegerators

As a general rule, if frost or ice buildup has occurred inside of your refrigeration appliance, it is extremely important that you remove ice buildup in a delicate manner.  Allowing an appliance to defrost naturally with warm air is recommended as noted in your user manual or in the article below.

How do I manually defrost and clean the inside of my wine/beverage cooler or kegerator?

IMPORTANT:  To avoid damaging your appliance, please DO NOT attempt to chip away at any ice buildup that may occur inside your appliance.  THIS MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE TO YOUR APPLIANCE.  Certain models, such as the KC2000 series kegerator, have internal cooling components, including refrigerant lines, located directly behind the rear inner compartment wall.  The process of chipping away at ice buildup can easily damage these components and may result in reduced efficiency or component failure.  

Please defrost your appliance as instructed in your user manual or as noted in the above reference article.