Where can I find the owner's manual for my discontinued EdgeStar, Koldfront or Avallon kegerator or wine / beverage cooler?

Many dis-continued products can be found alongside current offerings on EdgeStar.com.  In certain cases, items that have been discontinued for more than a few years no longer have a full product description page available.   For archival purposes, we have organized and listed those product model numbers along with a link to their original owner's manuals below for your reference.   

Wine Coolers

CWR265SZ Owner's Manual

CWR360FD Owner's Manual

CWR460DZ Owner's Manual

CWR530SZ Owner's Manual

TWR125SS Owner's Manual

TWR210EBL Owner's Manual

TWR320EBL Owner's Manual

CWR1660SZ Owner's Manual

CWR260DZ Owner's Manual

CWR261DZ Owner's Manual

CWR300SZ Owner's Manual

CWR450DZ Owner's Manual

TWR182ESS Owner's Manual

TWR285WD Owner's Manual

TWR4BL Owner's Manual

TWR6S Owner's Manual


Beverage Coolers

CBR900SS Owner's Manual

CBR1500SS Owner's Manual

OR320SS Owner's Manual



BR2000BL Owner's Manual

BR2000SS Owner's Manual

BR7000SSOD Owner's Manual


Mini Kegerator

TBC50S Owner's Manual


Additional support articles may be available for certain models.  Please use the search option on this site to find additional information related to your support needs.