How does the AUTO Mode function work on my Koldfront air conditioner?

Certain models of Koldfront air conditioners - both window mounted and through the wall styles - contain an AUTO MODE function that will switch the operating mode to be able to maintain a desired set temperature.

As an example, let's assume that your desired temperature is set at 75°F and a the ambient room temperature is 80°F.  When placed in AUTO MODE the unit will turn on the compressor and begin cooling.  When the room temperature reaches 75°F, the unit will switch into FAN MODE in order to maintain the desired temperature.  If the room temperature increases, the compressor will turn on again to begin cooling the room.  On a unit with a supplemental heating function, if the room temperature were to decrease below 75°F, the unit will switch to HEAT MODE and begin heating until the room reaches 75°F at which time the fan will begin to run again.  

PLEASE NOTE: When operating in AUTO MODE, the control panel display will NOT illuminate to indicate any change between Cool/Fan/Heat. The AUTO indicator will remain illuminated. 

Please also note the following information:

  • Your Koldfront air conditioner has a temperature sensor located on the front of the unit near the air intake port.  As such, a temperature reading taken manually on the opposite side of the room may read differently that what the unit is detecting.  Please make note of this when operating your unit.
  • The unit does not constantly take temperature readings.  The unit will take a temperature reading periodically while operating in AUTO mode, or immediately upon adjustment of the desired set temperature.  As such, it is important to understand that when operating in AUTO MODE the unit may not switch between Cooling, Heating and Fan Mode at the exact moment when a temperature change has occurred.  
  • Supplemental Heat Mode Function (certain models) - The heating mode on your window or through the wall air conditioner is for supplemental heating only.  The maximum heating capacity of the unit is 15°F above the ambient room temperature. For example, if the room in which the unit is operating has an ambient temperature of 60°F, the heated air being generated by the air conditioner will be a maximum of 75°F.  As the room heats, the air being heated by the unit will increase accordingly.

For more information on Window or Through The Wall Air Conditioners operating in Heat Mode, please read the following article: My window or through the wall air conditioner is not heating my room enough. Is there a problem?