How do I Install my Through The Wall Air Conditioner ?

Your Koldfront though the wall air conditioner is designed to be installed in conjunction with a wall sleeve.  If you are installing your new Koldfront air conditioner into an existing wall sleeve, please check to confirm that the wall sleeve is in sound structural condition and that is sized appropriately to accommodate your Koldfront air conditioner. The Koldfront Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve (Model: WTCSLV) is designed specifically for Koldfront's line of through the wall air conditioners and can be purchased at

Basic Installation Steps:

- Prepare Wall Sleeve
- Install rear Louver Panel / Grille into Wall Sleeve
- Attach Seals inside wall sleeve
- Prepare grounding wire
- Insert Air Conditioner Unit into Wall Sleeve and attach Ground Wire
- Complete Installation by inserting main seal and attaching trim kit

NOTE: To avoid risk of injury and/or product/property damage, please take the following precautions:

  • Two or more people are needed to properly handle and install.
  • Use proper lifting and carrying techniques.
  • Before installation, make sure to inspect the window and sill to ensure they are able to handle the weight and size of this unit.
  • Wearing protective gloves will help to avoid injury from sharp edges.

Before you begin, make sure you have all the parts and tools necessary for installation.


IMPORTANT: When installation is complete, the air conditioning unit MUST have a rearward slope as shown in the image below to ensure proper drainage.  This is accomplished by using the Tapered Support Blocks as noted in the “Attach Seals” step.


Click the below link to download a full copy of all installation instructions: 

Through The Wall Air Conditioner Installation Instructions



Prepare Wall Sleeve

Follow the instructions in the installation manual for your wall sleeve.  If a wall sleeve was previously installed, please thoroughly clean the wall sleeve and verify that it is in secure working order and that it has been properly sealed.  

For help installing your Koldfront Wall Sleeve please refer to the following article: 

How do I assemble and install my Koldfront Wall Sleeve: Model WTCSLV?


Install rear Louver Panel / Grille

To properly install your new Koldfront Through The Wall Air Conditioner into a wall sleeve, it is required that you use the Rear Louver Panel / Grille that was shipped with your new air conditioning unit.  This will ensure proper air flow from the back of the unit. If your installation utilizes a previously installed wall sleeve, please replace the Rear Louver Panel / Grille with the one provided with your new air conditioner.


Attach Seals

With the wall sleeve properly assembled, it is now time to prepare the wall sleeve enclosure for the air conditioner unit.  The process involves positioning seals and foam support blocks inside of the wall sleeve enclosure in order to enable a proper fit for the air conditioning unit. 

IMPORTANT: The below instructions are to be used in conjunction with the Koldfront Wall Sleeve model WTCSLV.  Instructions for other compatible wall sleeves can be found in the “Alternate and Supplemental Installation Instructions” found in this document.

4. Prepare Ground Wire

To properly ground the air conditioner unit, the ground wire must be secured to the frame of the wall sleeve. When the air conditioner unit is placed inside of the wall sleeve, this ground wire will be attached to the air conditioner frame to allow for proper grounding of the air conditioner unit.

NOTE: This step will require the use of a drill with a 1/8” drill bit.  If your wall sleeve has been previously installed, there may be no requirement to drill a new hole for the grounding screw.

Install Air Conditioner Unit into Wall Sleeve

With the wall sleeve fully prepared, you are now ready to insert the air conditioner unit into the wall sleeve.  Two or more people may be required for this step.


Complete Installation

With the air conditioner installed into the Wall Sleeve and the ground wire properly attached, it is time to complete installation by inserting the Main Insulating Seal (stuffer seal) and attaching the Trim Frame.

Click the link below to download a full copy of all installation instructions: 

***Document also includes alternate and supplemental instructions for non-Koldfront branded wall sleeves.

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